VPN credibility, is it enough to fully secure your remote connections?

VPN Credability
It is always crucial to keep your data secure. During these uncertain times, there is an even greater imperative to ensure that your company, staff and data are protected. Many companies and organizations will opt for VPN as the answer for securing their networks. However that may not be the wisest choice.

Most companies use VPNs to facilitate remote access to company resources.

Here are a few things why a PAM solution gives you additional security benefits which help your organization stay safe.

  • Elaborate and time-consuming VPN deployment

Including client software installation, establishing certificates management procedures (provisioning and revocation) and routing rules re-configuration. Remote access over Fudo PAM can be set up in just one day while the web Access Gateway provides the most convenient access to the company’s resources including servers and workstations.

  • VPN often introduces hundreds of unsupervised entities to your network

Fudo PAM facilitates remote access to servers and workstations already deployed, hardened and audited. Secure communication is ensured by protocol level encryption so there’s no need for VPN tunneling.

  • VPN access doesn’t provide enough means of control

In the case of employees processing sensitive information on a daily basis, VPN access doesn’t provide enough means of control over how this data is accessed. Fudo PAM monitors and records users so they can be held accountable for their actions.

  • VPNs don’t provide any means of verification whether the remote user is

In fact, an individual allowed to access your network and not someone who managed to get hold of someone’s VPN login credentials. Fudo PAM’s behavioral analysis is able to detect if an account has been compromised and alert the administrator to review the session and take further action if necessary.

There is no solution that can guarantee 100% security, and a diversified approach as well as continued vigilance is the best defense.

Though VPNs can be useful and are deployed in many organizations they can fall short of providing comprehensive security, and are far less effective in managing access than a PAM solution. That’s why it makes sense to go beyond the capabilities of VPNs and equip your IT infrastructure with all the power of what a PAM solution can provide, to mitigate risk and provide peace of mind.

About the author: 

Sascha Fahrbach – Fudo Evangelist and digital influencer.

He engages himself globally to spread cybersecurity awareness, and the importance of PAM solutions to all organizations. He hosts various digital events for  Fudo Security for a global audience. He’s a media facilitator, hosts Fudo’s podcasts, conducts interviews and runs dynamic security webinars. He’s also a regular guest at a Central European TV broadcaster.