How Fudo PAM helps companies save on staff training

According to a 2018 study by Training magazine, 45% of all employee training investments have zero ROI. The study found that companies around the world are wasting an estimated $ 88 billion on training alone.

The results are stunning! It turns out that a company invests money in development, but in fact throws it away. The normal system of employee training is ineffective and does not allow getting a high-quality financial return on the money invested.

On the other hand, it is the constant improvement of the qualifications of employees that allows us to improve the quality of work, attract new workers and increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, as you know, the more satisfied customers a company has, the higher the financial performance of the company is.

It turns out to be an interesting dilemma: one doesn’t want to take risks and blindly spend a lot of money on standard training methods: which involve hundreds of consultants, training, conducting training with the internal resources of the company. While at the same time, employees need to be trained and systematically improve their qualifications.

How does Fudo PAM help companies save money on employee training?

Seemingly Fudo PAM is a privileged access management solution. However, it can also be effectively used as a means of improving an organization’s efficiency.

How is this achieved?

Here is how Fudo operates:
• Most modern systems have web-based interfaces – Fudo PAM perfectly implements recording of the work through such a web interface in the form of video recording.
• A number of companies use thin client technology and Microsoft Terminal Server to make their work more secure and lower TCO of workstations – Fudo PAM perfectly captures session activity and processes the RDP protocol used in this scenario in order to make it indexable and searchable, including the text shown on the screen.
• For closed and non-standard protocols of various systems (for example, 1C-Accounting, popular in the CIS region), Fudo PAM is able to record actions in such systems through RemoteApp technology.
• Monitoring user access using Fudo PAM allows you to connect to monitored sessions in real time in order to view them, take control and help or manage these sessions.

Fudo PAM is the perfect tool for any industry. Here’s an example scenario from a financial institution:

Creation of training materials.

Employee actions and session activity are recorded and stored in Fudo PAM in the form of pristine bit-by-bit protocol recording. For example, a session of an experienced employee opening an account for a customer – this recording can be provided to new bank employees as a training video. This does not require any special actions. Everything happens automatically and is ready to be exported to video at any time In other words, training material is sitting there for you to utilize, just click and download it.

Changes in business processes or the interface of the banking system are not a problem. The employee is already working in the new interface and the recording of his activity is already updated video for training new employees.

Thus, with the help of Fudo PAM, educational videos are created and kept up-to-date. Moreover, the materials reflect real business processes and user actions.

Furthermore, video information is as convenient and visual as possible for training. You can search the contents of video recordings, due to the ability of Fudo PAM to recognize text shown on the screen. Then a trained clerk can enter the names of a banking system menu item and view only those video clips when the given menu item is used.

In addition, you can add useful explanations to various points of the video in the form of a text comment, and the search will also go through the explanations as well.

Thus, we’ve solved the problems associated with the first two training paths and kept the issues of creating materials as close as possible to real life business processes, as well as their relevance and visibility.

Now let’s take a look at how Fudo PAM helps other employees train an experienced employee.

The monitored Fudo PAM session can be viewed in real time by several employees at once. For example, an experienced employee’s process of making a payment transaction can be monitored by several trainees, as if they were next to their mentor. Regardless of their location around the world.

The same works in reverse as well…

An experienced employee can observe the sessions of the trainees, and if necessary, intervene or correct their work by joining the session, almost like this person was standing next to the new employee.

Thus, with the help of Fudo PAM, it is possible to ensure the presence and training of other employees by an experienced employee and the ability to monitor their actions. In addition, by saving records of activity trained employees can view the video and understand where they made a mistake.

Therefore, the implementation and use of Fudo PAM in an organization not only enhances the security of the organization (fraudulent transactions are also recorded!), but also provide added value in the process of training employees. At the same time, the organization does not bear any additional costs. Moreover, one day deployment of Fudo PAM makes the whole thing extremely easy and quick to implement.


Alexander Tvaradze

Fudo Security Business Development Manager
for Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey