PRESS RELEASE: Announcing Fudo One release and Fudo Enterprise name change!

Fudo Security Expands Award-Winning Secure Access Services to Startups and SMBs with the Release of Fudo One, A Free Solution for Three Users.

Fudo PAM Announces Name Change to Fudo Enterprise.

Newark, CA – February 8th, 2023 – Fudo Security, a leading provider of Secure Access, Modern Privileged Access Management and Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions worldwide, today announced Fudo One, a new product tailored for startups and SMBs, as well as a name change to their award-winning Fudo PAM. 

With the release of Fudo One, Fudo offers high-quality, secure access  tailored for startups and SMBs. Fudo One provides highly secure and incredibly convenient way to connect to your infrastructure, with features like very convenient Just-in-Time Access, and cutting edge session monitoring and recording, all with SMBs and startups in mind while continuing to deliver the trademark simplicity, ease of use, and rapid deployment that customers have come to expect.

According to Patryk Brozek, CEO of Fudo Security, “We at Fudo Security aim to provide organizations with the friendliest and most reliable solutions to combat the abuse of privileges. It is our goal to protect big businesses, SMBs and startups. We use our solutions to provide New Standard of Secure Access, to empower businesses, connect people, make remote work available and safe.With Fudo One, we now offer tailored solutions to help ensure network security for small businesses. Regardless of size, every company should feel secure when it comes to cybersecurity, which is why we are now offering our zero-trust approach to network security to small businesses and startups.”

Fudo PAM, the award-winning PAM solution, has changed its name to Fudo Enterprise. It offers IT leaders a comprehensive suite of Secure Access, including Privileged Access services that includes unmatched session monitoring and recording, AI-powered breach prevention, and just-in-time access. Fudo Enterprise continues to provide the most comprehensive secure access to servers, databases, web applications, and network/OT devices. Used by thousands of users worldwide, Fudo Enterprise as well as Fudo One is the perfect tool for managing access for DevOps, Admins, Privileged Employees, Freelancers, Subcontractors, Vendors, and all other types of Third Parties. 

Key features of Fudo One include:

Convenient Access – Allows users to get access to servers, applications, and network devices easily and quickly. Native clients can continue to be used, such as Unix terminals, Putty, or Microsoft Remote Desktop Client. Fudo Web Client is available to connect from wherever, using any web browser.

Just-in-Time – Access workflows can be created that adhere to the Zero-Trust approach. The request management section can define and schedule when a specific resource is available to a user and control it accordingly. Access can be granted upon request only or be set up in advance.

Cutting Edge Session Monitoring & Recording – Allows for monitoring and recording of all ongoing sessions for three main protocols SSH, RDP, and VNC. Sessions can be watched live or footage can be used for post-mortem analysis. Offers the ability to join the session, sharing, pausing, and terminating, as well as tools like OCR and tagging for better searching capabilities.

With the introduction of Fudo One, Fudo Security now protects all sizes of businesses and ensures secure, convenient access to servers and network/OT devices. Fudo One tailors services to fit the needs and concerns of small businesses with an All-In-One solution and rapid deployment. Fudo One fills the gap and provides an award-winning solution to small business network security needs.
Fudo One is free for 3 users available to download on Fudo One Download.

About Fudo Security

Fudo Security is a leading innovator in the cybersecurity world with offices in Silicon Valley and Europe. Deployed in more than 30 countries and trusted by hundreds of organizations, Fudo Security’s mission is to protect both large and small organizations against access abuses. Its solutions include Secure Remote Access, Modern Privileged Access Management, and Zero Trust Network Access.

Fudo Security’s products allow monitoring the activity of users with access to critical assets. Additionally, Fudo Security’s solutions help manage password policies and alert immediately in case of any suspicious behavior. Fudo Security has been awarded several accolades, including being listed in Gartner and KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass. The company’s hundreds of customers include financial institutions, energy companies as well as the public sector.


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Media Contact: Margo Nowak 
Fudo Security