Fudo One: Better than a VPN!

Recently, remote access to resources has become a “must have” for most businesses. The pandemic has shown us that it is inevitable. It also taught us that great efforts must be taken to secure this approach. Is your company prepared for secure remote access?

With the large increase in popularity of remote work models, the frequency of data breaches or loss of intellectual property has increased significantly. It is caused not only by hacker attacks but also by employees who accidentally or intentionally misused their privileges. Workers with remote access to business-critical data must be closely monitored because they may pose a significant threat to the company’s assets.

The first thing that comes to mind is a VPN. Is it a good solution? Not exactly.

Is a VPN the only option?

The main disadvantage of a VPN is that you must completely trust the user. By granting access to the employee, you are granting him full network access with little ability to monitor his actions. This increases the risk of compromise and poses a major threat to company assets. Hackers can target privileged accounts to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, and that can lead to data breaches and ransomware attacks.

The next problem is the expensive implementation of VPN technology. It requires building a costly infrastructure access system and forces users to change their usage habits. Not to mention the need for time-consuming training for all employees, at a time when IT staff is already stretched thin.

Is there an alternative remote access technology that overcomes VPN’s numerous flaws? Yes.

Fudo One - a free solution that provides full control over remote connections.

Fudo One is the perfect tool for managing access to your DevOps, Admins, Privileged Employees, Freelancers, Subcontractors, Vendors, and all kinds of third-parties. The Zero-Trust approach is the perfect alternative to the VPN access method. Users have access to specific applications and accounts only when needed and for a specific reason. All authorized users’ activity is constantly monitored and recorded.

Fudo One also allows you to perform a variety of actions on both recorded and live remote access sessions. Key features include the ability to watch a session live, share it with others, and terminate it with the possibility of blocking the user when dangerous behavior is detected.

The Fudo One Session Management feature will help you audit users’ activities and prevent unintentional and unnecessary data access. You can closely monitor all privileged users with an effortless tool that does not require increasing IT staff. And that’s not all. The Fudo One Just-In-Time feature enables you to grant access to company resources upon request only or be set up in advance. This will give you full control over all remote access sessions.

Now startups and small and medium businesses can afford advanced security solutions.

Fudo One can help you increase remote access security at no cost because it is free for up to 3 users and 3 servers. This way you can avoid costly and complicated VPN implementation. Also, while the company is growing, Fudo One can be easily developed over time into bigger and more advanced solutions from the Fudo Security portfolio.

Thanks to the bastion architecture, Fudo One is a fully agentless product that you can deploy and start using the same day. You can grant quick and easy access to your users via web browser with only minimal training needed. Users can continue to use native clients and there is no need to change their work habits.

Below you will find a brief comparison of VPN and Fudo One features.

 Features  VPN  Fudo One
 Access  Full access to the network  Zero-Trust Access approach
 Audit No audit or minor audit tools  Session Management (monitoring and recording users’ actions)
Just-In-Time (access upon request)
 Scalability Expensive Fully scalable - from free solutions to advanced professional systems
 Deployment Complicated, time-consuming Easy to deploy and manage (fast installation on premises and access via browser)
 Cost Expensive infrastructure Free software with no additional IT infrastructure required

Fudo One is the answer to the shortcomings of Virtual Private Network functionality. It is a security tool dedicated directly to remote access management with a full range of features that will help you increase and modernize the security of your company’s assets.

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