Secure Remote Access

Introduce FUDO PAM as a critical ZTNA infrastructure

Secure Remote Access Solution
Connect employees with servers From anywhere


Fudo PAM Icon of secret manager to create and manage passwords and change policies

Web Access Gateway

  • The simplest way for your remote users to have access to servers, applications, and systems.

  • See all the available assets in one place. Protect your legacy systems.

  • Connect to the specific server within one click and for limited time (just-in-time).

Zero Trust Network Access ZTNA icon Fudo PAM

Zero Trust Network Access

  • Ensure your resources are reachable only by authorized users. Ensure administrator accountability

    Fudo PAM is completely agent-less. No need to make applications available on the internet. No need to install anything! Acts as an additional ZTNA layer.

  • Plan access for specific Privileged and Non-Privileged accounts.

    Our Just-in-Time feature makes your applications available during a specified time frame, eliminating the risk of leaving any privileged access exposed.

  • Access from anywhere.

    Your employees will be able to safely and securely use the resources of the organisation from anywhere in the world with Secure Remote Access

  • Grant specific authorised applications access only.

    No need to allow access to your network – provide a user with encrypted access to the applications in a unified manner.

  • Monitor each user's actions 24/7 within our Intuitive Dashboard

    Record, supervise sessions and apply security policies to track and prevent in the event of suspicious or malicious behavior.

Fudo PAM Image of prevention and HTTPS rendering of a session with visual playback
Fudo PAM Icon of 4 eyes authentication access control

Multifactor Authentication & SSO

  • Use common OATH tokens or Text/SMS Passwords for authentication.

Fudo PAM Session Icon shows monitoring sessions for privileged users

Session Recording & Monitoring

  • All user sessions are monitored and recorded.

  • Playaback your recorded sessions. Watch them live, like a video, without latency.

  • HTTP(s) sessions as well.

  • Sessions can be shared with other team members. Increase collaboration within different department.

  • Other users can join the session through a web browser.

Fudo PAM Image of prevention and HTTPS rendering of a session with visual playback
Fudo PAM Icon of AI powered prevention technology

AI-powered Prevention

  • Make sure the session has not been compromised, or the remote user doesn’t make any mistake.

  • All the ongoing sessions are being monitored, and, whenever something suspicious is taking place, Fudo PAM sends alerts to the designated specified people.

  • Based on AI-backed mouse moves, Fudo PAM’s biometric analysis knows in seconds that the session was taken over by an unauthorized user.

Fudo PAM image of a dashboard and its concurrent sessions, alerts and anomalies
Fudo PAM Image of Just In Time Feature for Fudo Five release


  • Fudo PAM Icon shows access to resources with the Just In Time feature

    Grant temporary access to resources, easily define and schedule when a specific resource is available to certain users.

  • Fudo PAM Image shows the increase in productivity and efficiency

    Increase efficiency in your organization as users are able to schedule temporary access themselves with intuitive oversight by security admins.

Fudo PAM Image showing Just In Time feature dashboard
Autodiscovery feature image


  • Fudo PAM Image of domain controller scanner for privileged or non-privileged users

    Scan domain controllers for new privileged & non-privileged accounts.

  • Fudo PAM image showing an automatic onboarding process

    With this ability, the onboarding process can be automated and added immediately to safes or quarantined for manual assignment.

Fudo PAM autodiscovery feature dashboard and how to set up onboarding process
Fudo PAM image showing efficiency analyser feature

Efficiency analyzer

  • Easily compare efficiency of your remote users and contractors.

  • Make sure everyone is playing fair. Keep productivity within your organisation.

  • Double-check whether suppliers operate in accordance with agreements.

Fudo PAM efficiency analyser dashboard and productivity statistics/data


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