PRESS RELEASE: Fudo Security Raises The Bar With New IT Infrastructure Protection Enhancements, Bolstering Zero Trust Philosophy 

Fudo 5.1 Enhances Key Functions of Access Gateway, Admin Operations and More for Privileged Access Management


Newark, CA – Dec 1st, 2021– Fudo Security, a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions worldwide,  today announced new capabilities to its award-winning PAM solution. 

With the release of Fudo 5.1, Fudo offers IT customers a comprehensive suite of PAM services that includes a cluster password changer, certificate-based authentication scheme, detailed account activity in the Access Gateway, and revamped GUIs. Fudo 5.1 continues to deliver the trademark simplicity, ease of use, and rapid time to install that customers have come to expect. Implementing Fudo 5.1 provides the critical layer of any organization’s Zero-Trust Network Access infrastructure for industries as diverse as healthcare, automotive, infrastructure, manufacturing, and hospitality. 

“We continue to witness attacks targeting critical infrastructure and many other organizations across every vertical in the US and around the world,” said Patryk Brozek, CEO of Fudo Security. “It is imperative that IT leaders continue to implement a zero-trust approach to network security. The misuse of privileged access and compromised identities are still the most pressing security concerns in 2021 and into the coming year.

Brozek added, “With the new Fudo 5.1, we have responded to customer needs and we’re delivering the most secure, yet simple way for remote users to access an organization’s servers, applications, and systems while allowing security teams to deploy a Zero Trust-based approach to privileged access very quickly.” 


Key features of Fudo 5.1 include: 

  • Cluster Password Changers

What’s new: Full support for Password Changer in a cluster setup
Advantages: This function extends Fudo’s password management ability to support complex deployments running in a cluster mode. Fudo can change passwords on each cluster node separately, in every network zone thus making the setup more resilient for a multi-node and multi-zone configuration. Admins can now choose Password Changer to run on all the nodes or select dedicated nodes within the cluster to perform the action. This provides uninterrupted access to servers in case of node failure and implementing static load balancing scenarios


  • Certificate-based authentication scheme

What’s New: Additional method of authentication in User Access Gateway
Advantages: Users can now log in to the User Access Gateway with certificates without exposing their credentials to any insider threats. With this passwordless scheme, a strong authentication factor is enabled with little or no user engagement, especially in AD-based environments. With certificates deployed in an enterprise’s global policy, this instantly bolsters security of the whole setup.


  • Account activity in the Access Gateway 

What’s New: Users can now see who is already connected to the shared account
Advantages: This feature provides a visual way of managing shared accounts. Users can easily identify if an account is being used and who is connected, acting as a crucial role in shared account environments as a visual clue on account usage that allows for better communication between users and oversight of current sessions within the Access Gateway.


  • Revamped GUIs

What’s New: Improved GUI for intuitive operation and use.
Advantages: Refreshed look with an improved user experience. Smooth customization for dashboard elements and ease of operations. The redesign allows for quick and intuitive user interaction and navigation in both the Admin Console and User Portal. The inclusion of a “plus” button, allows for quick and simple addition of necessary elements. Furthermore, the redesign includes a rearranged layout and design themes like  “light,” “dark” or “terminal.”


Fudo Security’s PAM solution is the simplest way for remote users to safely access servers, applications, and systems. In addition to offering the world’s leading session recording tool, Fudo PAM also detects suspicious activity by employees or hackers using stolen credentials. The award-winning, agentless solution can be deployed in a matter of days.


About Fudo Security

Fudo Security is a leading innovator in the cybersecurity world with offices in Europe and Silicon Valley. Deployed in more than 30 countries and trusted by hundreds of organizations, Fudo Security’s mission is to protect both large and small organizations against privileged user threats. Its solutions include Secure Remote Access, Privileged Access Management, and Zero Trust Network Access. 

Fudo Security’s products allow monitoring the activity of users with access to critical assets. Additionally, Fudo Security’s solutions help manage password policies and alert immediately in case of any suspicious behavior. Fudo Security has been awarded several accolades including being listed in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass. The company’s hundreds of customers include financial institutions, energy companies as well as the public sector.  

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